How does ‘Level Volume When Syncing’ Work?

Level Volume When Syncing Audio is an Auto-Conversion feature that allows MediaMonkey to level the volume of tracks on the fly, as they’re being synced. This isn’t needed for devices that have gain adjustment (e.g. MediaMonkey for Android, iPhones, or other devices that read Replay Gain tags), but is really useful for other devices that lack such a feature.

Levelling is applied to tracks that are being synced as follows:

  1. If an auto-conversion rule applies to the track being synced, it is used and during the conversion, the track volume is leveled.
  2. If the deviation of the track leveling value is more than +/- 0.75 dB and
    • the file is MP3, MP3Gain is directly applied.
    • the file format is one that MediaMonkey can convert to (e.g. WMA, WAV, OGG, FLAC, M4A assuming the required codecs are installed), MediaMonkey converts to this format using its default encoding properties, leveling volume as it does so.
    • none of the previous rules apply (e.g. it’s an M4A file but no M4A encoder is installed), the file is encoded into MP3 192 CBR and leveled.

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