Antivirus / Spyware warning for MediaMonkey

Occasionally antivirus or spyware application generate a warning about MediaMonkey. In all cases, such warnings have been false positives, and were quickly resolved by the antivirus vendor. MediaMonkey is certified by third parties such as and Softpedia to be virus free, and with every release it goes through a battery of anti-virus testing.

When receiving such a warning from your antivirus / spyware software make sure you update it to the latest definitions as that often solves the problem. Also make sure you downloaded MediaMonkey from the MediaMonkey website. If the problem persists after using updated definitions report it to your antivirus / spyware provider so that they can release new definitions that don’t flag MediaMonkey.

Some spyware / firewall applications also generate warnings for MediaMonkey. These can take 2 forms:

1) Warning during install / uninstall about MediaMonkey or UninstDP.exe trying to access privileged resources. This occurs because MediaMonkey must communicate with Windows Explorer to Add / Remove the micro-player from the System Tray.

2) Warning when MediaMonkey is run about MediaMonkey attempting to monitor keystrokes. This occurs because MediaMonkey supports Global Hotkeys, and MediaMonkey must monitor keystrokes even when it is not in focus, in order for Global Hotkeys to work.

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