Reset MediaMonkey Interface/Error message on startup: ‘Error During Player Initialization’

If you’re missing MediaMonkey windows, menus or toolbars, can’t move or dock them anymore or are experiencing visual problems in MediaMonkey you may want to reset the MediaMonkey interface to its default settings when first installed.

  • In MediaMonkey 5 you can remove the persistent.json file from the same location the database is stored while MediaMonkey is closed.
  • In MediaMonkey 4 you can reset the interface as described below.

The ‘Error During Player Initialization‘ error can occur at startup on some systems when MediaMonkey 4 is starting. The reason for the error is a corrupted Interface Registry that keeps window and component positions.

To fix this or if you want to reset the MediaMonkey 4 interface follow these steps (only MediaMonkey 4 and older use the registry for this):

  1. By editing the registry:
    • Close MediaMonkey (terminate from Task Manager if needed)
    • Open the Windows Registry Editor (type REGEDIT in Start)
    • Navigate the Registry and delete the “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MediaMonkey\Interface” Registry Tree Entry
    • Close the Registry Editor
    • Start MediaMonkey
  2. Using a 3rd-party script from that will reset all settings.


  • By deleting the Registry Key you will reset MediaMonkey interface related settings to defaults and MediaMonkey should start normally without error.
  • Editing the Windows Registry is not without risk. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the Windows Registry through online searches prior to modifying it.

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