MediaMonkey won’t open

Under some circumstances MediaMonkey fail to open when you start MediaMonkey.

  1. Hardware Acceleration can cause problems. MediaMonkey will be hung on the splash screen (if enabled) and the window won’t load. An error dialog won’t be shown. This issue can occur on some Discrete GPU Models that aren’t powerful enough. Solutions:
    1. First try updating the Drivers for your GPU.
    2. If updated drivers doesn’t solve the problem then run MediaMonkey by using MediaMonkey_NoGPU.bat (located in the folder where MediaMonkey is installed) to start MediaMonkey instead of MediaMonkey.exe to disable hardware acceleration. It will instruct MediaMonkey to use the CPU instead of the GPU. Tools > Options > Performance allows you to enable/disbale hardware acceleration within MediaMonkey.
  2. The MediaMonkey database file has a corruption and MediaMonkey fails to open. This will often show an error indicating an issue with the database. To solve:
    1. Rename the MediaMonkey database file from mm5.db to mm5.db.old
    2. Start MediaMonkey

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