Portable Mode: Settings don’t save / Addons don’t install correctly

When MediaMonkey is installed in portable mode, it does not install the components that in a regular installation, would modify to the registry. As a consequence:

  1. OS integration settings made in Portable Mode will not save correctly
  2. Certain Addons will not install / function correctly

To work around this issue you can modify the portable installation to allow the above behaviors to occur:

  1. To enable OS Integration settings to function in portable mode, register the MediaMonkey elevation COM object, which is used to give MediaMonkey admin rights in cases where changes must be made to the registry (e.g. for file associations):

    MediaMonkeyCOM.exe /regserver

    To undo this change:

    MediaMonkeyCOM.exe /unregserver

    (Note: this must be run as Admin)
  2. To enable certain addons in portable mode, register the MediaMonkey COM server for scripting purposes as follows:

    MediaMonkey.exe “/elevate /regserver”

    To undo this change:

    MediaMonkey.exe “/elevate /unregserver”

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