‘There was a problem with updating database to the newest version’ error message

This message relates to errors in the MediaMonkey database that can cause problems during an upgrade. These problems can usually be avoided by following these steps:

  1. Uninstall the new version of MediaMonkey
  2. Create a copy of your database file as a backup
  3. Install the version of MediaMonkey that was previously working
    and run MediaMonkey. Go to File > Manage Database or File -> Maintain Library (MediaMonkey 4 and older), ensure that Rebuild database, Optimize database (complete) MediaMonkey 4/3, Compact database (MediaMonkey 2 and older) is checked, then hit OK.
  4. In File Explorer go to the location where MediaMonkey is installed (like C:\Program Files\MediaMonkey\) and delete the “Scripts” folder.
  5. Install the next version up of MediaMonkey. So if you were using MediaMonkey 3, install MediaMonkey 4 and let it update the database. Once updated you can choose to do Step 3 again or update to the next version up of MediaMonkey (MediaMonkey 5 in this case).

If you’re still receiving database errors at this point, it means your database is corrupt and you’ll need to create a new one. You can also follow these steps if you don’t mind creating a new database (this means you’ll have to rescan your music into MediaMonkey, and and that various features of your library such as playlists and play counts will be gone). To start with a new database delete your database file.


  • MediaMonkey 2.x with mediamonkey.mdb as database may not run on Windows 7 and up. In that case you’ll need to start with a new database.

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