UAC or COM Elevator Prompt appears each time MediaMonkey for Windows starts

The UAC or COM Elevator prompt for administrative rights can appear when:

  1. MediaMonkey is trying to save certain system configuration settings (e.g. setting MediaMonkey as default application for certain file types, or installation of Addons).

    Windows will ask for confirmation (it will show a User Access Control prompt) that MediaMonkey is allowed to access protected parts of the system in order to make these changes. This is normal on first run of a program after it’s installed. MediaMonkey will register the micro player as a toolbar for the Windows Taskbar and set any file associations enabled in the MediaMonkey options. Once accepted, these system changes will be made by MediaMonkey.

    If you prefer not to grant MediaMonkey such access, you can:
    1. Not accept the prompt, and then change MediaMonkey’s configuration to not associate itself with audio/video files. To do so, click Tools > Options > OS Integration from the Main Menu, and then disable ‘Re-associate File Types on Startup’ (if available) and/or uncheck all other check boxes so that MediaMonkey doesn’t try to integrate itself with Windows.
    2. Uninstall MediaMonkey, and then re-install it in Portable Mode (an option in the Install Wizard during installation of MediaMonkey). MediaMonkey installed as a Portable App will not make modifications to Windows.
  2. Anti-Virus software erroneously triggers the UAC prompt when MediaMonkey is run (due to Global Hotkeys functionality and/or a valid but dated certificate). In such cases, clicking ‘Show more…’ in the prompt will indicate that the problem is related to “{CLASSID:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx}”. In such cases, contact your AV vendor to tell them about a false positive and/or check if there is a  newer version of MediaMonkey available.
  3. In some cases Windows itself is setting MediaMonkey.exe to be forced to start using Administrator rights. To correct that:
    1. go to MediaMonkey installation folder
    2. right click MediaMonkey.exe
    3. select properties
    4. Compatibility
    5. Check If Run as Administrator is checked
    6. If yes, then disable it

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