Virtual CD doesn’t Work After Upgrading / Re-installing MediaMonkey

If you had a previous version of MediaMonkey Gold installed, and uninstalled it prior to installing the new version of MediaMonkey, then the configuration settings of your Virtual CD will be lost, and any tracks previously saved to the virtual CD will be greyed out when attempting to play them.

To fix this, go to Tools > Options > Virtual CD & Preview from the Main Menu, and set the Virtual CD directory to the location where Virtual CD tracks had previously been saved.


  • The the Virtual CD feature is intended to cache library files that can become inaccessible (e.g. from a CD or files stored on a network share) to the local hard drive. Thus you cannot add the Virtual CD folder to the MediaMonkey Library or assign a folder with files from the MediaMonkey Library to act as a Virtual CD folder.
  • Once the connection from MediaMonkey to the Virtual CD is lost (like when using a new database) that you’ll need to scan the Virtual CD files as regular files into the MediaMonkey Library. Move the the files to a non-Virtual CD location and then scan (File > Add/Rescan Files) them into the MediaMonkey Library just like you would with regular files.

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