How to remote control MediaMonkey

Android phones and tablets and Apple iPhones, iPods, and iPads can be used to remotely control MediaMonkey, though unlike traditional remote controls these devices will send commands to MediaMonkey through a WiFi signal instead of Infrared transmission. Some examples for remote control are:

  1. Android devices see Remotely control MediaMonkey for Windows
  2. iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)
    1. The iMonkey by Melloware application available from the iPhone app store, you can control MediaMonkey on your PC from your iPhone or iPod touch. After you purchase the iMonkey application from the Apple AppStore, all that’s needed is to make a quick download of the iMonkey server from: You’ll have to start MediaMonkey with this modified MediaMonkey.exe file so that the iPhone or Touch can access MediaMonkey (no installation needed, just extract and double click the downloaded MediaMonkey.exe file).
  3. Bluetooth remote controls
  4. Infrared remote controls

For more remote access solutions see:

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