Playing M4A, M4P, M4B (AAC) Files

MediaMonkey 4/5 supports:

  • Playback of M4A/M4B (aac audio) files (up to 48KHz) via Windows 7/10 codecs. Note: Windows ‘N’ editions don’t include codecs, and they need to be installed manually.
  • Playback of ALAC files.
  • Playback of M4P (and M4A/M4B/ALAC) including > 48KHz via Quicktime. M4P content is only playable in MediaMonkey if Quicktime is installed and if the machine is correctly authorized in iTunes. If you have such ‘Protected’ files and would like to remove the Digital Rights Management (DRM) so that it can play on any player, upload all your music to iCloud via iTunes Match and then erase the files from computer (or move them so that iTunes do not see them anymore) before re-downloading them again. Once they’re re-downloaded, they should be in unprotected format and fully playable in MediaMonkey.
  • Encoding/decoding of M4A/M4B/ALAC (including > 48KHz) files via the MediaMonkey Codec Pack (purchased separately). The MediaMonkey Codec Pack is also required for playing M4A/M4B streamed from a UPnP (DLNA) server.


  • M4B Audiobooks over ~500MB in size fail to play when MediaMonkey is relying in QuickTime for playback due to a limitation in QuickTime. In that case install the MediaMonkey AAC/M4A Encoder/Decoder Plug-in (purchased separately).
  • Playback of M4A/M4B/ALAC in MediaMonkey can fail if you’ve performed an upgrade from MediaMonkey 2.x to MediaMonkey 3.x/4.x/5.x, and the AAC plugins installed for MediaMonkey 2.x have not been removed –these may interfere with the native codecs for newer versions of MediaMonkey.

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