Copy Files from an Apple Device to Your PC

MediaMonkey is normally used to sync content to iPhones, iPads, and iPods, but it can also be used to backup / copy files from these devices to a PC.

To copy selected files:

  1. When the iPod/iPhone/iPad is plugged into the PC, MediaMonkey will recognize the device and it will appear in the MediaMonkey Media Tree (iTunes is required to be installed for iOS devices).
  2. From within the MediaMonkey, you can browse the files on the device by Artist, Album, etc. Select whatever files you want to copy.
  3. Click Tools > Edit tags > Update tags (Tools > Advanced Tag Management > Synchronize Tags on MediaMonkey 4 and older), so that tags of the selected files are updated to match the device’s database.
  4. Copy the files using any of the methods below:
    1. If you want to add the files to the Library, Copy and then Paste the selected files into a folder in a Collections Location sub-node.
    2. If you want to add the files to a drive or device, without adding them to the Library, Copy and Paste the selected tracks into a folder in MediaMonkey’s Folders (My Computer on MediaMonkey 4 and older) node.
    3. If you prefer to copy the files and organize them at the same time, use the Auto-organize function:
      1. Right-click on the selected files copy, right-click on them and select Auto-organize files from the context menu.
      2. Enable the option Copy files to new destination based on file tags.
      3. Set the Destination to which the files should be copied and click OK.


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