How to Configure which ID3 Tags are used for Year / Date

MediaMonkey 5,4 and 3, by default save Year and Date metadata in ID3 v2.3 tags to TYER / TDRC frames. Although this is generally a good approach for maximum compatibility, some users may wish to change this since TDRC is normally associated with ID3 v2.4 tags and Winamp will not read the TDRC field for an ID3v2.3 tag. This can be done by modifying MediaMonkey’s .ini file with the following section which allows you to enable/disable frames at will:


To also solve the problem of Original Year being saved twice, the MP3Tagging section in MediaMonkey.ini should look like this:


This disables the ID3v2.4 TDOR which MM is using for Original Year, and enables use of the ID3v2.3 TORY, intended for original release year.

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