Tags Change in Files even though Tag Updates are Disabled

You can disable MediaMonkey from updating tags in your media files under Tools > Options > Tags & Playlists from the Main Menu by disabling Update tags when editing properties. This however doesn’t guarantee that MediaMonkey will never write tag changes to the files.

If you want to make sure that MediaMonkey doesn’t write tags to your files you’ll need to make the files Read-Only. This will still allow MediaMonkey to play the files and for you to change tags within the MediaMonkey Library, but will prevent them from being written to the files tags.

Whenever MediaMonkey writes any tag to the file it will write all tags to the file. This means that if you embed Artwork into a file that all other tags as shown in the MediaMonkey Library will be saved to the file. Artwork can be automatically saved if you have enabled Artwork look under Tools > Options > Metadata Lookup from the Main Menu.

Tools > Edit Tags > Update Tags (MediaMonkey 5) or Tools > Advanced Tag Management > Synchronize Tags (MediaMonkey 4) will always save MediaMonkey library values to the files tags.

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