Setting Permissions for the MediaMonkey DLNA / UPnP Service

As of MediaMonkey 4.1 it’s possible to enable DLNA/MediaMonkey for Android Wifi Synchronization as a service under Tools > Options > Media Sharing from the Main Menu by using Install Service, so that other devices can access the library even when MediaMonkey isn’t running.

  • Make sure you enter the same Windows User credentials as you’re running MediaMonkey as so that the MediaMonkey Service uses the same MediaMonkey settings, including Media Sharing, and database as MediaMonkey itself.
  • MediaMonkey Service is not available for Portable Installs. You’ll need a regular install of MediaMonkey to be able to use the MediaMonkey Service.

In cases where multiple users share a PC, it’s advisable to give all equal rights to access the MediaMonkey database (MM.DB).┬áTo do so:

  1. Move MediaMonkey database file to a neutral location (rather than a secured user folder). e.g. “C:\MediaMonkey\“.
  2. Change the location MediaMonkey reads the database from: Modifying the MediaMonkey database and settings files / changing the default database location

MediaMonkey 5 can work with MediaMonkey Server which is currently in development:

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