Synced playlists disappear, or appear in duplicate

In some cases third-party applications can cause MediaMonkey for Android to not display playlists, to display duplicates of existing playlists, or display playlists that had previously been deleted. This can occur as follows:

  1. MediaMonkey syncs playlists to MediaMonkey for Android, updating the Android OS Media Store
  2. A third-party app detects the playlists on Android and creates M3U playlist files
  3. MediaMonkey syncs again, removing some playlists and modifying others, updating the Android OS Media Store
  4. The third-party app isn’t aware of the changes to the playlists and updates the Android OS Media Store based on the ‘old’ M3U files that it previously generated, causing MediaMonkey for Android to display incorrect playlists.

The solution is to disable ‘Update playlists from other apps’ in MediaMonkey for Android’s Options. Other workarounds are to re-sync with ‘Delete files/playlists not on the sync list’ enabled OR to remove any third-party applications that behave in the manner described.

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