How to do a clean install / clear sync settings

If MediaMonkey for Android needs to be completely re-installed from scratch (e.g. due to corruption on an SD card), you can do so as follows:

  1. Uninstall the application (preferable) OR delete the application data, via Settings > Application Manager > MediaMonkey > Clear data.
  2. Run a file manager and delete the /MediaMonkey directory from both the internal memory and SD Card
  3. If you’re having sync issues:
    1. Delete all Media and Playlists from the device
    2. In MediaMonkey for Windows, delete the device’s sync profile (a new sync profile will be created next time you sync)
  4. Re-install MediaMonkey for Android and run it once before attempting any Sync operation

    Note: If you delete the /MediaMonkey directory on the Android device (step 2) but don’t delete the corresponding device sync profiles in MediaMonkey for Windows (step 3) then you’ll end up with duplicate sync profiles.

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