Is MediaMonkey available on the Amazon App Store / Amazon devices?

UPDATE 11/2019: MediaMonkey for Android and MediaMonkey Pro 1.3 is accessible to most Kindle/Fire devices and other devices supported on the Amazon App Store. The only limitation of this version is that Google Casting is not supported on the version of MediaMonkey available in the Amazon store since that functionality isn’t native to the Amazon version of Android. Note that the version of MediaMonkey Pro on the Amazon store cannot unlock the version of MediaMonkey for Android from the Play store and vice-versa.

UPDATE 9/13/2015: As of MediaMonkey (released to the Amazon store in August 2016), MediaMonkey is available on the Amazon app store and can be installed to (at least some) Amazon Fire / Amazon Kindle devices. MediaMonkey Pro is still blocked from being installed, so the only option users have to access MediaMonkey Pro features is to use in-app purchases to activate the Pro features.

EDIT 7/31/2015: The boilerplate on the Amazon developer faq has been changed to:

Q: Why didn’t my launcher, widget or lockscreen app go live for Amazon devices?
We seek to preserve a consistent customer experience on Amazon devices. If your app overrides the native user experience, it will not be published on Amazon devices.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE (deprecated):

MediaMonkey for Android is available on the Amazon app store, and if sideloaded runs flawlessly on compatible Amazon Fire / Amazon Kindle devices, however Amazon has declined to make it available to their devices (i.e. it can be installed to devices other than the Kindle/Fire from the Amazon app store, but Kindle/Fire devices will either be unable to find the app or will receive a message that it isn’t compatible with the device). The only difference is that Google Casting is not supported on Kindle/Fire devices since that functionality isn’t native to the Amazon version of Android.

When asked, Amazon explained that MediaMonkey isn’t approved for distribution to Kindle users with the following boilerplate from their developer faq:

We consider a variety of factors as we evaluate each app, including the customer experience offered on the device and compatibility with the device. While our goal is to offer a broad and compelling assortment of apps to Amazon customers, not all apps available through Amazon Appstore are currently available on Amazon devices.

We will continue to try to get MediaMonkey published for Kindle devices, but at the moment it seems that Amazon is preventing syncing all-in-one music apps such as MediaMonkey and DoubleTwist from participating in the Kindle/Fire ecosystem.

In the meantime, the only available workaround is to sideload MediaMonkey for Android Amazon builds to your device. USB synchronization with these devices works correctly, however, the only way to access Pro features such as Wi-Fi Sync on these devices is to install the Google Play store to the device which usually involves modifying the firmware.

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