What’s a ‘Free’ vs ‘Gold’ (5.x vs Lifetime) License?

The philosophy behind MediaMonkey for Windows is that the Free version should provide all of the functionality that an average user would want, and that the Gold version provides some extra functionality that makes it even more useful for advanced users. The differences between the two are summarized on our download page.

MediaMonkey for Windows Gold licenses are sold for the current version (e.g. 5.x) or as Lifetime licenses. For example a MediaMonkey Gold (5.x) license entitles you to free updates to future 5.x versions (e.g. 5.1.x, 5.2, etc.), and is guaranteed to minimally provide a year of updates from the date of purchase, so if MediaMonkey 6.x is released 1 month after a 5.x license has been purchased, then a free upgrade to 6.x will be provided. Existing Gold users who aren’t eligible for a free upgrade, receive coupons for a discounted upgrade.

A ‘Lifetime’ license entitles you to free updates to all 5.x versions (e.g. 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, …) and all future upgrades (e.g. 6.x, 7.x, etc.). Note that MediaMonkey for Windows and MediaMonkey for Android are licensed independently; a MediaMonkey for Windows Gold license will not unlock MediaMonkey for Android Pro features.

In order to determine what license you have installed, click Help | About .

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