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CoClass SDBApplication, Interface ISDBApplication

Function MessageBox(MessageText As String, MsgType As EnumMsgBox, Buttons) As Long


Name Type Description
MessageText String Text to be shown in the message box.
MsgType EnumMsgBox Type of the box. Can be one of constants described below.
Buttons Variant Array of buttons to be shown, can be any constants described below.

Method description

Shows a customized message box and returns information about button that was pressed, which can be one of the following values: mrNone(0), mrOk(1), mrCancel(2), mrAbort(3), mrRetry(4), mrIgnore(5), mrYes(6), mrNo(7), mrAll(8), mrNoToAll(9), mrYesToAll(10), mrOkToAll(110) or mrIgnoreToAll(111).

MsgType constants:

  • 0: mtWarning – Icon with yellow exclamation. Use to present a condition that might cause a problem in the future.
  • 1: mtError – Icon with red cross. Use to present an error or problem that has occurred.
  • 2: mtInformation – Icon with small letter „i“. Use to present an useful information.
  • 3: mtConfirmation – Question mark icon. Use to ask user for input.
  • 4: mtCustom – No icon is shown.

Button constants:

  • 0: mbYes
  • 1: mbYesToAll
  • 2: mbNo
  • 3: mbNoToAll
  • 4: mbOk
  • 5: mbOkToAll
  • 6: mbEdit
  • 7: mbEditToAll
  • 8: mbCancel
  • 9: mbAbort
  • 10: mbRetry
  • 11: mbIgnore
  • 12: mbIgnoreToAll
  • 13: mbAll
  • 14: mbHelp

Example code

res = SDB.MessageBox( SDB.Localize("Select tracks to be exported, please."), mtError, Array(mbOk))

JScript note

Passed array of buttons must be of special VBSafeArray. Read more about in Tips & Tricks – JScript section.

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