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CoClass SDBTreeNode, Interface ISDBTreeNodeEvents

Function OnNodeDragDrop(DestinationNode As SDBTreeNode, SourceNode As SDBTreeNode, TrackList As SDBSongList, CopyType As Long, JustTest As Boolean) As Long


Name Type Description
DestinationNode SDBTreeNode Node where user is about to drop tracks
SourceNode SDBTreeNode Node where the drag&drop operation started
TrackList SDBSongList List of tracks that are being dragged
CopyType Long The same list of values as the return value of this function
JustTest Boolean If true, this is just a test and return value of this event specifies whether tracks can be dropped here or not.

Event description

This event is called when:

  1. User drags tracks over the given node
  2. User drops tracks on the given node

This event is supposed to either let MM know whether drag&drop can proceed here, or should directly process the operation (depending on justTest parameter)

Return values can be:

  • 0 .. Drag&Drop operation isn't allowed here
  • 1 .. Copy operation
  • 2 .. Move operation
  • 3 .. Move operation that cannot be modified using Shift key
  • 4 .. Copy operation that cannot be modified using Shift key