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You can access the Setting in MediaMonkey from the menu by tapping the settings gear icon. Then tap Library & Sync to be able to change the following library & sync settings.


  • Choose library folders allows you to select which locations on your device will be scanned for and included in the MediaMonkey library.
    • Tap the + sign next to a storage to add a new location from that storage to be included in the MediaMonkey Library.
    • Tap the trashcan icon next to a location listed under the storage to remove the files in this location from the MediaMonkey Library.
  • 'Update playlists from other apps, when enabled will scan for changes made to Playlists by other apps on your device. These changes can then be Synced back to MMW.
  • Check for new/changed media will start a manual rescan of files on your device when tapped.

Wi-fi Sync

Wi-fi Sync has a full explainer here.

  • Sync configuration wizard will start the initial Sync setup wizard.
  • End sync on low battery allows you to set at what pre-defined battery levels wi-fi Sync
  • Skip sync storage selection, when enabled will skip the screen asking which storages on your device should be Synced during wi-fi Sync.

Sync settings

Sync settings contains the Sync settings for each storage on your device. For more on Sync see the Sync documentation.


  • Download location allows you to select where files manually downloaded from DLNA/UPnP Media Servers are saved on your device.


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