Lyrics panel & collapse albums [#16372]

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Lyrics panel & collapse albums [#16372]

Post by Cas »


I have some cosmetic issues / bugs;
  • Cosmetic: Is it possible to set the font size of the lyrics panel? I cannot find an option for that.
    Bug?: When a lyric is unsaved the save icon doesn't always show up in the lyrics panel (sometimes it does).
    Cosmetic: I would suggest to use an arrow icon instead of the word "collapse" in the main panel, just like in MM4. It makes the appearance a bit calmer, as there is already so much text in the display
My apologies if these issues have already been mentioned in previous topics. Thanks.

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Re: Lyrics panel & collapse albums

Post by PetrCBR »

Thanks for your feedback. Will check.
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Re: Lyrics panel & collapse albums

Post by rusty »

fyi: Now Playing lyrics font size tracked at

Re. the Lyric 'save' icon not appearing in the Preview window: I'm unable to replicate.

Re. Collapse vs arrow: we used text so as to be able to more clearly communicate 'show all x tracks'

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