Command Line Startup Options for MediaMonkey

A number of flags can be set when running MediaMonkey from the command line:

/NoSplash – don’t show splash screen when starting MediaMonkey
/Play – run MediaMonkey and start playing the last played track from the Now Playing queue
/Next – play files after the current track
/Add – add files to the Now Playing queue
/Party – run MediaMonkey in Party Mode, for more info about
Party Mode consult Online Manual
/ResetToolbars – resets toolbar configuration to default settings
/INIFILE=fullpath – starts MediaMonkey using an .ini file at the specified location

You can use these options as follows (examples):
o MediaMonkey.exe /NoSplash /Add “My song.mp3”
o MediaMonkey.exe /NoSplash /Play
o MediaMonkey.exe /NoSplash /Party /Play
o MediaMonkey.exe /INIFILE=”C:\MMDATA\MySettings.ini”

You can change this in the Start Menu if you:
Right click on the MediaMonkey icon in the Windows Start Menu and select Properties. In the Window that opens add /nosplash to the Target (with a space between the …MediaMonkey.exe” and /nosplash).

Target should look something like:
“C:\Program Files\MediaMonkey\MediaMonkey.exe” /nosplash

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