Artwork for some tracks is incorrect, duplicated, or missing

Incorrect artwork for compilation albums: Although MediaMonkey for Android (MMA) will sync artwork with MediaMonkey for Windows (MMW), it is limited to 1 image per album directory. This means that in cases of a compilation album (e.g. ‘Top 100 of 2020’) for which MMW has different artwork for each track, all tracks will appear with a single image in MMA if the tracks are saved to a common directory (e.g. /Music/various/Top 100 2020/ ). This limitation is planned to be eliminated in a future version of MMA.

Duplicate artwork/albums when Album Artist differs: MMA will display compilation albums in duplicate if they appear in MMW in duplicate. This will occur in cases where a compilation album (e.g. ‘Top 100 of 2020’) is configured with a different Album Artist for each track. The solution is to set a common Album Artist for all of the Album’s tracks in MMW, and then re-sync.

Missing artwork: MMA can be missing artwork for some Albums if the tracks associated with those albums weren’t synced with MMW. To solve the problem, delete the tracks in question and re-sync. 

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