How to use a Gold License Key (it’s not working)?

To register MediaMonkey for Windows Gold

  1. Find the registration information you should have received after purchasing it, consisting of:
    Username: the name/company that you entered at purchase
    License key: a series of characters along the lines of xxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx
  2. Use the registration information to activate the Gold features as follows:The Username and License key can be used to activate the Gold features in MediaMonkey as follows:
    1. Run MediaMonkey
    2. In the Menu Bar, click ‘MediaMonkey Gold’ and then ‘Register MediaMonkey Gold…’.
      Note: If ‘MediaMonkey Gold’ doesn’t appear in the menu bar, then it’s either because:
      1. MediaMonkey Gold is already registered.
      2. The menu bar has been disabled. Click the Menu button (in MediaMonkey 4, click the space to the right of the MediaMonkey icon) and then enable View > Menu Bar.
    3. Copy and paste the Username and License key to avoid transcription errors and click ‘OK’
      All the Gold features will be activated!

If your License key is being rejected it can be because:

  1. The Username or Key were manually entered instead of copy/pasted resulting in transcription errors (e.g. typing a ‘1’ instead of an ‘I’ or an ‘l’) or case-sensitivity errors (typing an ‘h’ instead of an ‘H’).
  2. The wrong License Username or License Key is being used. e.g.
    • E-mail address is used instead of the License Username
    • User ID & Password for the store is used instead of the License Username & License Key
    • Username & Password for the MediaMonkey web site (Forum, Support Site, or Wiki) is used instead of the License Username & License Key
    • Transaction Reference number or the Product code is used as the License Key.
  3. The License Key is for an older version of MediaMonkey (e.g. 3.x) and is invalid for version 5.x. In that case you’ll need to upgrade your MediaMonkey license.
  4. Your License Username has foreign characters that may have resulted in an incorrectly-generated key. If this is the case, please contact support, making sure to send in your original purchase # / reference #.

To verify the registration status within MediaMonkey for Windows, click Help > About

  1. If it shows that you’ve successfully a Gold license, but Gold functions are greyed out, it’s because you need to first select a file (track-specific commands are only enabled if a track is first selected).
  2. If it it indicates that you have a ‘Standard’ license even though you’ve already registered, the following may have occurred:
    1. You’ve logged is as a different user. MediaMonkey saves configuration settings on a per user basis, if one user registered, this doesn’t apply to other users on the machine. Re-enter your license information to resolve this.
    2. The license key was entered but wasn’t saved or if the registry was somehow corrupted. This can occur if MediaMonkey failed to shut down properly after registration information had been entered. Re-enter your license information to resolve this, and perhaps verify that MediaMonkey is shutting down correctly.
    3. If your license key is for a previous version of MediaMonkey. e.g. if your license key is for MediaMonkey 3.x, but you’ve upgraded to MediaMonkey 4.x, you’ll need to purchase an upgrade to your license key.

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