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Name Value Type Possible Values Description
Artist TEXT The name(s) of the AlbumArtist(s)
Album TEXT The Name of the Album
Year INTEGER 20100521 Was not in use until version 5.0.

The first 4 digits are the year, and the last 4 digits are the month and then day. The example is May 21, 2010.

Comment TEXT Album level comment
Tracks INTEGER Counter by trigger (0 to inf.) Count of Songs linked to the Album
MBGID TEXT* bfd86854-99cb-496e-b7c4-1c58c928ba1d ID of the matching release on MusicBrainz.

Added in version 5.0

MBRGGID TEXT* 7a83ecca-b88e-3eab-b769-8d72dde013f7 ID of the matching release group on MusicBrainz.

Added in version 5.0

LastTimeShown REAL Formatted as the number of days since December 30, 1899.

Added in version 5.0

TVDBID INTEGER Added in version 5.0
RATING INTEGER Added in version 5.1


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