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Auto-DJ allows MediaMonkey to automatically add files to the Playing queue before reaching the end of the queue. It will randomly and indefinitely play from a specified set of files when the Playing queue runs out, and is especially useful when you don't feel like choosing files manually or when user or DJ-selected files at a party run out.

Auto-DJ is configured via Tools > Options > Auto-DJ / Playing list, and can be enabled/disabled via Player > Auto-DJ. You can set how many remaining files Auto-DJ should manage in the Playing. For example you can set it to always keep 5 songs in the queue to be played. You can also set what files should be auto-added to the Playing by Auto-DJ. You can have it select files from the Entire Library, a specific Collection or a specific Playlists.

MediaMonkey Auto-DJ & Playing list Options

Playing list

In the Playing list settings you can have MediaMonkey auto-remove files from the Playing that have been played. You can have it retain all files or a limited amount of files. This is useful when you don't plan on listening to files that have already been played again and allows you to reduce the amount of files shown in the Playing automatically. This feature won't work when Shuffle is enabled.


The option to Show warning when file to be played is not accessible will show a warning the the file to be played isn't available, if disable the file will be silently skipped.


  • Automatically retain xx previous files in Playing is disabled while in Shuffle is enabled
  • Automatically retain xx previous files in Playing is useful to reduce the amount of files shown in Playing and thus reducing the startup time of MediaMonkey. The same goes for Auto-DJ. The combination of the 2 allows the user to maintain only a few songs in the Playing while still playing all files from the Entire Library, a specific [[[WebHelp:Playback Rules/5.0|Collection]] or a specific Playlists and thus improve startup time of MediaMonkey.

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