Upgrade from earlier versions of MediaMonkey

The current version of MediaMonkey for Windows is 4.x. If you’re still using version 3.x, you can install the new version to your machine to upgrade (with the caveats outlined below), or if you want to test it out in parallel, you can install version 4 in ‘Portable mode’.

Upgrading MediaMonkey 3 —> 4:

  1. Prior to upgrading, it is advisable to maintain your library (go to File > Maintain library, then check “Optimize database” in MediaMonkey 3.
  2. Upon installing and running MediaMonkey 4, it will automatically import your library and most settings from MediaMonkey 3.x. BUT, you will lose your Gold functionality if you don’t have a Lifetime or MediaMonkey 4 license (see ‘Licensing’ below).
  3. If you’ve purchased the ‘AAC Encoder Plugin’ for MediaMonkey 3, it will only work with audio files and will not function with the Video functionality in MediaMonkey 4. It’s therefore advisable to:
    1. Uninstall the AAC Encoder Plugin
    2. Install the new MediaMonkey Codec Pack
  4. If you’ve customized the DB location in MediaMonkey 3, you’ll have to manually reconfigure MediaMonkey 4’s .ini file to point to the MM3 database.


If you already own a MediaMonkey Gold license,

  • Lifetime License holders retain Gold functionality (there’s no need for a new license).
  • 2.x/3.x License holders will lose access to Gold functionality on MediaMonkey 4:
  • Users who’ve purchased MediaMonkey Gold 3.x between November 1, 2010 and Nov. 15, 2011 should have received a free upgrade within a week of launch. If you haven’t received your new license, contact our Helpdesk for your upgrade (please include your original purchase order number).
  • Other 3.x Gold License holders will have received a coupon by email offering a significantly discounted upgrade to MediaMonkey 4. If you haven’t received a coupon, contact our Helpdesk (please include your original purchase order number).

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