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MediaMonkey for Android can browse and play content from any UPnP/DLNA Media Server. Just tap the Media Servers icon, select a Media Server, and you can browse and play content from that Media Server.

DLNA will allow you to browse and stream media from a Media Server on the same network. You can't:

  • Edit files on a Media Server.
  • Remove/move/rename files on a Media Server.
  • Add/remove files from a Playlist on the Media Server.
  • Scan files from a Media Server into MediaMonkey for Android.

Manually Add a Media Server

Tap the + icon on the Media Servers to manually add a Media Server:

  • Manually add the protocol, IP, port and device description path connection details for the Media Server you want to add.
  • Scan the QR Code of the Media Server you want to add. MediaMonkey for Windows provides a QR Code for its Media Server.

Remove/Edit a Media Server

On the Media Servers screen tap the 3-dot menu to be able to:

  • Remove a Media Server you no longer wish to show.
  • Edit a Media Server connection settings if they've changed.


You can download media files from a Media Server. To do so, select media file(s) on the Media Server via long press and use Download from the 3-dot menu.



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