Wi-Fi Sync doesn’t work

Wi-Fi Sync will only work if:

  • You’ve selected content to sync
  • MediaMonkey for Android (MMA) can access MediaMonkey for Windows (MMW) content via Wi-Fi using UPnP.
  • MMA is configured correctly for Wi-Fi Sync.
  • MMA is able to write files to the chosen storage on the device.

If you’re having problems syncing, verify that you’re running the latest version of MediaMonkey for Windows and MediaMonkey for Android, and:

  1. If MMA indicates that a sync has completed but you don’t see any content on the device, it’s usually because no content has been added to the sync list. Choose content to sync via either:
  2. If you are receiving connection errors, test whether MMA can connect to and access content on the MediaMonkey for Windows UPnP Server:
    1. Click UPnP/DLNA
    2. Click the MediaMonkey Server
    3. Browse and play content

      If you’re able to access the content, but periodically lose the connection, it’s likely that your Wi-Fi connection is unstable. Reboot your device & router and then try to sync.

      If you’re unable to access the content at all, then it implies a network or access control problem.
      See: Failure to connect to the UPnP/DLNA server
  3. If MMA can access content from the MMW UPnP server but can’t initiate a sync, it implies a problem with the MMA device’s sync settings:
    1. In MediaMonkey for Android, confirm that the correct sync profile is active:
      • Restart MMA
      • Click Options > ‘Select sync server’, and select the correct [ServerName] to make sure that the correct server is set.
      • Ensure that ‘Sync to this location’ is enabled for the server.
      • Click ‘Auto-sync server content’ to verify that you can connect to the server. If yes, you should be able to initiate a Wi-Fi sync.
    2. In MediaMonkey for Windows, verify that the Sync Profile exists, and is active. Restart MediaMonkey for Windows and navigate to Devices & Services in the Media Tree (Options > Portable Device Sync in MM4) and verify that:
      • your device is listed
      • your device appears only once for each storage location (e.g. once for Internal memory and a second time for SD storage). If there are duplicates, determine which is the correct profile by comparing which profile has sync settings that match those in MMA, and then delete the duplicates.
      • synchronization with the device’s storage is enabled (and disabled for other devices/locations). This is shown in the list of devices/storage locations in MMW5 (in MMW4 this is shown with a checkbox). For example if you only plan to sync to ‘Galaxy’s SD card’, make sure that profile is enabled, and disable the profile for ‘Galaxy-internal memory’.
      • that MMW allows incoming Wi-Fi Sync connections from the device. In MM5 ‘Allow [DeviceName] to remotely sync with the [ServerName]’ must be enabled (in MM4 the setting is ‘Grant remote sync / access rights to the [Server Name]’)
      • that the [ServerName] in the step above is the same UPnP server that was tested in Step 1. Disable any other DLNA/UPnP servers that are running.
    3. If MMA is still unable to connect to a sync server:
    4. If this fails to solve the problem, please generate a debug log, and submit a support ticket.
  4. If MMA initiates a sync, but doesn’t write any content, it can be due to a problem with writing to the device/storage location. See:

Online Help: Sync MediaMonkey with an Android device

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