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CoClass SDBDatabase

Object for interaction with Database. Object can be accessed through SDB.Database property.

Prior to version 3.0, database was stored using Microsoft Access format. From version 3.0, SQLite format is used.

ISDBDatabase members

Name Type Description
ActiveFilterID Property Get/Set Gets/Sets Active Filter ID. From 3.0.2.
ActiveFilterQuery Property Get Gets Active Filter Query. From 3.0.
BeginTransaction Method From 3.0
Commit Method From 3.0
DatabaseID Property Get
ExecSQL Method
ForceCommit Method From 3.0.3
GetFilterQuery Method Get Specified Filter Query. From 3.0.2.
GetAutoPlaylistQuery Method Get Specified Auto-Playlist SQL Query. From 4.0.
OpenSQL Method
Path Property Get
QuerySongs Method