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CoClass SDBDevice

Mainly for usage in device plug-ins for controling several aspects of portable device functionality.

ISDBDevice members

Name Type Description
ActiveDeviceList Property Get
HandledDeviceList Property Get From 4.1.1
AddDeviceNode Method
canEjectDevice Property Get
CreateDeviceNode Method
DeviceEject Method
DeviceIcon Property Get/Let
DeviceMenuIcon Property Get/Let
DeviceStart Method
DeviceStartEx Method
DeviceStop Method
DeviceThreadedEject Method
DriveLetterFree Property Get
FreeSpace Property Get
GetTrackIDSynchStatus Method
GetTrackSynchStatus Method
GetDeviceContent Method From 4.1
ChangeDeviceCaption Method
ChangeDeviceID Method
isPlaylistForSynch Property Get/Let
IsVisible Property Get
LockPlugin Method
RegisterTreeNode Method
ShowDeviceConfig Method
StartSynch Method
StartAutoSynch Method From 4.1
SynchTerminating Property Get
TotalSpace Property Get
UnlockPlugin Method
TerminateThreads Method From 4.0
GetDeviceProfileXML Property Get From 4.0.3
CopyFile Property Get From 4.1.1
CopyFiles Property Get From 4.1.1
DeleteFiles Property Get From 4.1.1
GetSyncProgress Property Get From 4.1.1
Caption Property Get From 4.1.1