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CoClass SDBPlayer

Object for controlling of player and Now Playing list. Can be accessed through SDB.Player property.

ISDBPlayer members

Name Type Description
CurrentPlaylist Property Get Alias to CurrentSongList
CurrentSong Property Get
CurrentSongIndex Property Get/Let
CurrentSongLength Property Get
CurrentSongList Property Get
isAutoDJ Property Get/Let
isCrossfade Property Get/Let
isEqualizer Property Get/Let From 3.1.0
isPaused Property Get
isPlaying Property Get
isRepeat Property Get/Let
isShuffle Property Get/Let
isStartingPlayback Property Get
LoadEqualizerPreset Method From 3.1.0
Next Method
Panning Property Get/Let
Pause Method
Play Method
PlaybackTime Property Get/Let
PlaylistAddTrack Method
PlaylistAddTracks Method
PlaylistInsertTrack Method From 4.0
PlaylistInsertTracks Method From 4.0
PlaylistClear Method
PlaylistCount Property Get
PlaylistDelete Method
PlaylistFocused Property Get/Let From 3.1.0
PlaylistItems Property Get
PlaylistMoveTrack Method
PlaylistSelected Property Get/Let From 3.1.0
Previous Method
Stop Method
StopAfterCurrent Property Get/Let From 3.1.2
Volume Property Get/Let