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MediaMonkey is highly customizable and can be extended with a variety of Addons.

Customizing the Skin

You can change MediaMonkey's Skin via Tools > Options > Skin from the Main Menu. Additional Skins can be downloaded from the MediaMonkey Addons site.

Skins can have additional options you can configure via Tools > Options > Skin from the Main Menu. Select the Skin and then change any settings available. This include the colors used (Monkey Groove) or the size of text (Material Design).

MediaMonkey Options Skin
MediaMonkey Options Skin

Text size in MediaMonkey is defined by the Skins' developer and an available setting on the Material Design Skin (The Preview window has an independent setting in the Advanced view and the Lyrics window has an Addon). You can use Windows to increase the text size in all programs:

  • You can use the Scale and layout also known as DPI setting in the Windows Control Panel
  • You can the Make text bigger setting in the Windows Control Panel (Windows 10)

(Type either settings name in the Windows Control Panel to find the setting)

Customizing the Layout

  • The various Windows in the MediaMonkey interface (e.g. the Player, the Now Playing Window, the Album Art Window, etc.) can be changed via Tools > Options > Layout from the Main Menu:
    MediaMonkey Options Layout
    MediaMonkey Options Layout

  • The left and right Panels can be quickly toggled to display/hide using their respective panel button on top of the panels in the toolbar
  • Columns in the Filelisting can be customized by right- clicking on the header
  • Columns in the Column Browser can be customized by right-clicking on the header

Custom Toolbar

MediaMonkey allows you to select actions to be added to a customizable Toolbar. Under Tools > Options > Toolbar you can drag & drop actions onto the toolbar from Available to Selected.

Options Toolbar
Options Toolbar

Customizing Playing

The Playing window can be customized to show specific columns. Under Tools > Options > Playing list from the Main Menu you can select List and configure which Columns should be shown. List also allows you to enable the Statusbar for the Playing window.

MM5 Options Playing list
MM5 Options Playing list

(Note that the Playing node can be configured independently.)

Customizing Preview

Under Tools > Options > Preview from the Main Menu you can select how the Preview window should be displayed. If you select Advanced you can:

MediaMonkey Preview Choose Fields
MediaMonkey Preview Choose Fields

  • Edit per Type what is information is shown in the Preview window
  • Edit per Type what font size is used in the Preview window
  • Edit per Type in how many columns the information is displayed in the Preview window
  • Rearrange the order per Type in which tags should be displayed in the Preview window

Using the ⋮ Menu button on the Preview window you can:

  • Allow Edits which will allow editing of tags within the Preview window, if edits aren't allowed many tags will be links to find more from the same tag in your MediaMonkey Library
  • Show visualization which will switch the Preview window to show Visualizations instead (Only works when playing via Internal player)


  • MediaMonkey no longer features an unskinned mode.
  • A change of Skin restarts MediaMonkey, thus make sure no other tasks are running in MediaMonkey.



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