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This Folders node in the Media Tree allows you to access to your Hard Drive, CD/DVD/BluRay Drive, External Drive, Network, or any other devices that have drive letters attached, much as you would with the File Explorer. The Folders node shows all supported Media Files, not just those that are part of the Library. This is useful when you want to perform operations on Files that are not (yet) part of your Library. For example:

  • Navigate content that isn't necessarily in the library
    • View / Edit file tags for content not yet in the Library
    • Browse a CD that hasn't been added to your library to listen to it, edit its contents (edits are saved to cdplayer.ini), and/or 'Add' it to the Library.
    • Examine, edit, or create an .m3u playlist that is not part of the MediaMonkey Library.
    • View contents of Media Servers found on your network.
    • View contents of Cloud Storage associated with MediaMonkey.
  • Browse to a folder on your hard drive that hasn't yet been added to the library and then Add it.
  • Create new folders. For example, create a new folder called C:/Music and then move files from Collections > Location > C: > Temp into this new folder (this cannot be done in the Collections > Location view since it only shows folders that contain files in the MediaMonkey Library).


The Pinned node shows you any items you have pinned. These are shortcuts to different items within the MediaMonkey Library. You can Pin a folder from the Location node or an item like an Artist or Album in the Media Tree. Right click a folder in the Location node or an subnode in a node like Album Artist or Genre in the Media Tree and select Send to > Pin it from the Context Menu to add it to the Pinned node. Right click on an item in the Pinned node and select Unpin it from the Context Menu to removed it from the Pinned node.

Devices & Services

Devices & Services node shows all Portable Devices, Streaming and Cloud services, and Media Servers you have associated with MediaMonkey.

  • You can Add a supported Cloud or Streaming service using the + sign next to Storage and Cloud Services.
  • Available UPnP (DLNA) Media Servers on the local network are automatically detected. You can manually add a UPnP Server that is not on the local network using the + sign next to Media Servers.
  • Portable Devices are automatically added when connected via USB to your PC.
  • You can add local storage, external storage drives and network shares (via Mapped drive only) as device so you can Sync to it.

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