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The Home Screen

The Home Screen is used to navigate content via a number of 'Views' and can be customized.

The top level option for Views is determined by the Type of file. If Syncing from MMW the Type set in MMW determines where the files show in MMA. Available are:

  • Music, all audio files that are not Classical Music, Audiobooks or Podcasts
  • Classical Music, all files where Genre contains 'Classical'
  • Audiobooks, all files where Extension = M4B or Genre contains 'Audiobook' or 'Audio Book'
  • Podcasts, all files where Genre contains 'Podcast'
  • Video, all video files

Additionally you can add:

  • Home, which shows the home screen
  • Playing queue, which takes you to the Playing queue
  • Playlists, which shows all Playlists in the MMA Library
  • Media Servers, which allows you to connect to DLNA Servers
  • Folders, which allows you to browse all compatible media files on your device, including files not scanned into the MMA Library.

Filtering & Sorting

The Views on the Home Screen allow you to select filtered Views of your MMA Library. You can a View (like Genre) and then select a genre value to view only files matching that Genre.

When a list of files is presented they're presented in a predetermined sort order. An Album for example will sort on Track#, Tracks will sort on Title and Playlists will sort on the order of files on the Playlist.


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