Helpful links for newbies to media monkey

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Helpful links for newbies to media monkey

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check this link ... =7&t=34847

newbies mediamonkey

1. mediamonkey needs to know what is what and where it is at in order for him to play them.
2. install monkey, you did that already good.
3. scan your system for songs make sure you also have all the formats of songs you want him to play selected in the options box.
4. make sure you have all the information for the songs correct in monkeys database.
5. make sure you sync all the information you have corrected in monkey's database to the tags in the songs.
6. use mediamonkeys auto organizer feature you find on the menu bar, tools drop down menu. it is a manually started one.
after you get your library set up with that one you can use the automatic one in the options menu's of the gold version of mediamonkey.
7. make playlists and use them to play the songs from as its fast and simple in mediamonkey.
8. its really basic but design in mm skins can confuse newbie's about it.
But in right click context menus and some other places that scroll, the black triangles on top bottom / left or right sides that you see are in fact the scroll arrows.

9. The reason they should start an new post for their error questions is simply this one reason.
At the bottom of the page is a subscribe and / or unsubscribe switch that you are able to stop getting notice's sent to your email from that thread.
Now you are always automatically subscribed to the thread if you post in it. But you need to click it to unsubscribe to the thread.
So Why should you know that??
Simple after a thread has been answered the moderators, and anyone else helping in that thread might go to the bottom and unsubscribe to it, making any new question to that thread less likely to be seen as a different question and more likely to get ignored because that thread has been answered.

So always Start A new Thread Topic for your New Questions. Never just add them to an old topic thread. Unless your question is the same as that thread, but just remember if every one has unsubscribed to it then it will only be read when they come in to the forum and see it posted as a new post to that topic.

10. Always give 2 days for a reply to your question some one will reply if they know the answer unless your post gets lost in a mass of new posts by a server crash, so if you want an answer and dont get one in 2 days please bump your post by replying to it your self. So it can be back in view with other new posts.


Helpful Links

0. for video first look at medimonkey check this post from eyal. the video is in flash format,
put your settings for how much info can be stored by flash to unlimited and then it will play.
anything less will stop the video when it gets
to that setting. not much info in the video its just a first look review from cnet downloads. ... 43#p162843 :D

1. on line help file for media monkey at this url.

2. how to do and send a debug log is at this url.

3. all the scripts to use with media monkey are at this url.

4. All sites to get user made skins for media monkey can be found at this url.

5. Tips for creating skins can also be found there and here at this url.

6. information on how to translate media monkey in to your language is at this url.

7. link for monkeys FAQ list can be found here. ... 48#p144448

8. page for newbies to find lots of help already given is ... _New_Users

8.(a) A tip for newbie's to any software program, check the options for the program you will find lots of
items you need to do already found and able to be done in the options.

9. My Playlists are grayed out? i changed hard drives now it wont see playlists? those can be answered here by this url. ... 86#p214886

9. (A) My playlists are all grayed out and i did not change hard drives i'm using win 7 or newer. here is a post link that will help
on the new systems. ... =1&t=75156

10. for those that need help on understanding how to burn a cdrom, check the FAQ lists or Check this post i did here. ... =1&t=43688

11. for more help on ripping and burning a cdrom check this post out. ... 51#p230051

12. For help after reformating your system and trying to get your gold lic. back check here in this post. ... =1&t=44024 :D

13. I need help I lost my Files Where did they go. And How do i use auto organizer? check this post and thread out it might help. ... 19#p224419

14. For help on errors or bugs in media monkey we in the forum are in need of this information each time you post a error or bug report. to save time i suggest you add as much of this information that never changes. in your signature by editing your profile here in the forum.
  • type of computer system including amount of ram and size of hard drive and speed of computer processing unit.
    (need to know this to help fix or find hardware errors)

    version of media monkey you have
    (need to know this because different versions have different errors)

    player used in conjunction with media monkey either monkey's or winamp.
    (need to know this because using one or the other allows and dis allows differnet features)

    plugins used either default ones or extra added ones.
    (need to know this because some old winamp plugins cause trouble some mp3 files need certian plugins)

    do you have any scripts added in to the monkey's script
    folder or are you using the default scripts.
    (need to know this because some scripts don't work with other scripts or are only for mm 2.x )

    other media players you have on system that might be having
    the same troubles or causing them in media monkey.
    (need to know this cause it will help find the error by giving us something to figure from a different direction.)

    have you checked your system registry,
    have you defragmented the system.
    (need to know this because some errors are made perment when you defragment. and a bad or messed up registry can cause some other errors.)

    Are your songs stored on server or on external hard drive.
    (need to know this cause it lets us know it might be an networking error)

    is this the first time you found the error or bug or was it in
    the version of media monkey you had before.
    (need to know this because it tells us if there is a history of the error and it might be fixed by a new version of monkey)

    did you move any of the media files, from outside of media monkey.
    (need to know this because doing this will cause errors)

    just what exactly did you do for the error to show up
    (need to know this for us to try and reproduce the error on our systems)

    do you think it can be made to show up or happen by some one doing the same steps you did.
    (need to know this because it lets us know you have been trying to fix it and found out you need nelp, its no shame to need help we all do at one point in time. so let us know.)

15. Here is some help or answers for tagging issues. ... 28#p238486

16. Here are some threads that will help you with moving your database from one computer to a new computer. ... &sk=t&sd=a ... =1&t=68786

16. 1/2.-- my library is showing double listings for songs after changing or reformating my nas server. I use mm4 and its sql database how do i fix it.
Try this link. ... =1&t=69406

17. Gamers need to get rid of the notifier because it blocks your game when it pops up, check this thread. ... 91&start=0

18. Nohitter151's Guide to ipods. ... 12&t=29525

19. Why are there images of a bomb in the ratings images.? ... =1&t=49893

20. For some help video's you can find them here. just search for more once at the site.,

21. how to move the windows around to the different dock areas. ... =1&t=50418

22. I want to use monkey to automate playing music like a broadcast station where it changes playlists through out the day.
and where it will start and stop by it's self.
Hey man welcome to the radio club,(well only in words is it a club) 8)
But i do the same thing you get this script here and you have your way to set up a station. ... 182#p25182

My post for broadcasting to stereo it is old but still has good information in it from some others ... oadcasting

23. my mediamonkey player has chirps and some slowness to it or it pauses for a half second in the middle of the song.
well i just fixed this and some other issues see this link to find what might be your trouble's cause. ... 42#p265371

24. Why is it called a skin? just what is a skin? check this page out it should help you understand what and why.
and might help you know some of how to make one.? ... 51&start=0

25. Here is a post that helps you understand how to make a gold version auto playlist. ... =1&t=53226

26. I want to tell mediamonkey what to do. no Really i want to use voice commands is this possible?
yes it is just go to this post here some one has made a plug in for that. ... =2&t=53204

27. Way too many duplicate song titles to look through one at a time, is there any script to help?
check this post to get more help on it. ... 12&start=0

28. how do i post a screenshot or an image to this forum. this post reply tells you. ... 26#p289726

29. I want to use mediamonkey on my system i placed in my car. its a computer in the trunk
and has a small hand held screen to control the system with. but i need a skin for the small screen
does mediamonkey have such a skin or is some one making any.?
check the linke below out you will find the carputer skin guru. :D ... =9&t=57678

30. i have a few questions for an long time advanced user about syncing and palm pre's.

try this url some one else had the same questions you are looking for answers to. ... =1&t=58601

31. what about AMR format for android devices does mediamonkey support that format?

check this message out it will tell you what to do as of the date of this posting. ... =1&t=67893

32. My andriod device is having some wi fi trouble do you have any idea of what i could do to fix it? Why yes heres a link to a post i did for that. ... =3&t=69043

33. My drop menu for saving or moving or copying to folders is filled with old no longer in system folder listings, how can i remove the old folders from view.
Try this post. ... =1&t=69408

34. My mm4 tool bars / menu bars have disappeared how do i get them back?
Well you're in luck another member had same issue and their post is here at this link ... =1&t=69591

35. Will Windows phone 8 work with mediamonkey.
your in luck bajapaul just posted his how to in the forum here is the link to it. ... 12&t=69681

36. Some thing for remote controll users is what you are looking for? Well here at this
Link you will see review for remotes by Sirandar. ... =3&t=69702

37. how do i make seperate folders directroy on a data cd. and a playlist to play them by.
simple way is to follow what this member did in this link. ... =1&t=69880

38. Basic computing for newbies that is what your looking for?
Okay here is a link for that ... 11&t=70194

39. Inconsistent album art what is it and why do i see it?
Check this thread it will tell you, ... =1&t=70203

40. I changed my hard drive or my computer system and now mediamonkey wont find my songs even though i replaced the mmdb file with my backed up mmdb file.
Well you changed hard drive id numbers check this link to fix it. ... f=2&t=8975

41. how can i auto change the equalizer settings.?
well its been done by script for years here is the link to the script. ... =2&t=37111

42. how can i stop this pop up warning? it is not the notification popup this one is a warning with 3 buttons to click on tells me something is trying to connect to the mediamonkey library?
this sounds like the answer is in this post here. ... 20&t=75452

:D Please if you need to get an answer because you do not find a link to it here in this post, Please put your message in the Need Help forum room. 8)
I wish this thread to be kept small so it will load faster in small computer systems. :) Thank YOU
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Re: Helpful links for newbies to media monkey

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The post is very informative. I figure out how to rip and burn a cdrom with the help of this forum. Being techy is mandatory in today's world. Everything is dependent with technology. Thanks.
Rexana Cullen
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