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CoClass SDBApplication

This is the main MediaMonkey scripting object that you initially have accessible as 'SDB' variable in your scripts. All your communication with MediaMonkey should start here, you can get references to other objects from properties of this object.

ISDBApplication members

Name Type Description
AllVisibleSongList Property Get
ApplicationPath Property Get
EqualizerPath Property Get From 3.1 beta 1
IconsPath Property Get From 3.1 beta 1
PluginsPath Property Get From 3.1 beta 1
CurrentAddonInstallRoot Property Get From 4.0
ScriptsPath Property Get From 3.1 beta 1
SkinsPath Property Get From 3.1 beta 1
CommonDialog Property Get
CreateTimer Method
CurrentSongList Property Get
CursorType Property Get/Let
Database Property Get
Device Property Get
Format Method
IniFile Property Get
IsKnownFiletype Method From 3.0
IsRunning Property Get
InPartyMode Property Get From 4.1
Localize Method
LocalizedFormat Method
LocalizeGen Method
MainTracksWindow Property Get
MainTree Property Get
MessageBox Method
MyMusicPath Property Get
NewSongData Property Get
NewSongList Property Get
NewStringList Property Get From 3.0
Objects Property Get/Let
Player Property Get
PlaylistByTitle Property Get
PlaylistByID Property Get From 4.0
ProcessMessages Method
Progress Property Get
RefreshScriptItems Method From 3.0
RegisterIcon Method
RegisterIconHandle Method
Registry Property Get
SelectedSongList Property Get
SelectFolder Method
ShutdownAfterDisconnect Property Get/Let
TemporaryFolder Property Get
toASCII Method
Tools Property Get
UI Property Get
VersionBuild Property Get
VersionHi Property Get
VersionLo Property Get
VersionRelease Property Get
VersionString Property Get
ComServerUIActive Property Get/Let
WebControl Property Get
Downloader Property Get From 4.0
Collections Property Get From 4.0
VisibleCollectionsCount Property Get From 4.0
VisibleCollectionID Property Get From 4.0

ISDBApplicationEvents members

Name Type Description
OnBeforeTracksMove Event
OnChangedSelection Event
OnCompletePlaybackEnd Event From 4.0
OnDownloadFinished Event From 4.0
OnFilterChange Event From 3.1
OnIdle Event From 3.1
OnNowPlayingModified Event From 3.1
OnNowPlayingSelectionChanged Event From 3.1
OnOptionsChange Event From 3.1
OnPause Event
OnPlay Event
OnPlaybackEnd Event From 3.1
OnRepeatClicked Event From 3.1
OnSeek Event
OnShuffleClicked Event From 3.1
OnShutdown Event
OnStop Event
OnTrackAdded Event
OnTrackConverted Event
OnTrackDeleting Event From 3.1
OnTrackDoubleClick Event
OnTrackEnd Event From 3.1
OnTrackListFilled Event From 3.1
OnTrackListFilling Event From 3.1
OnTrackListModified Event From 4.0
OnTrackListSelectionChanged Event From 3.1
OnTrackProperties Event
OnTrackSkipped Event From 4.0
OnPartyModeEnabled Event From 4.1
OnDeviceSyncStarted Event From 4.1
OnDeviceSyncCompleted Event From 4.1