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The script is to copy the songs in the library via FTP. A special button adds on the control panel.

This script is designed for those who collect a database from your server, but there is not possible to connect to it, except via FTP. With this script, you can choose a song from the library and copy them to drive with one click.

In the settings, except for FTP connections, to be configured:
Library path and FTP path - the root directory of the songs in the library and FTP, so that if in any copied songs in the library to replace the first to the second, it will be the full path to the song on the FTP.
Local path - the root path to the songs on your local drive.

Windows FTP client works only in Active mode.
Use NcFTP for Passive mode - Use third-party FTP client from

By Oleg Chervyakov
Submitted by cholv
Updated 28/02/2014

Version History / Details
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Version History / Details

Works with:
Media Monkey 4.0
  • Removed operations with Subst drive
  • Added branch "Local Music" (possible switch off it in configuration).
  • To branch "Local Music" you can transfer music for download - Drag&Drop
  • New songs appear in the branch "Recently Downloaded" and "Current Playlist". It's possible for play album immediately after first song download