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MediaMonkey can sync your music, videos and playlists to your Android device. Sync includes basic metadata like Title, Artist, Album and Genre, but also Rating, Lyrics and an Artwork image associated with the Album. MediaMonkey will also sync certain tag changes and Play Counts back to MediaMonkey when using Auto-Sync when using MediaMonkey for Android to play and edit Media Files on your device.

  • Tags synced from MediaMonkey for Android to MediaMonkey: Play Count, Skip Count, Last Time Played, Bookmark, Title, Album, Artist, Album Artist, Composer, Genre, Lyrics, Track#, Year/Date, Type, Rating

Configure your Device

If you're planning to use MediaMonkey for Android on your device you should install it first.


Sync and the Device Profile settings are explained here: Syncing Files to Portable Devices.

USB Sync

USB Sync works like Sync for any other device MediaMonkey can Sync to. USB Sync is run from MediaMonkey (can't be initiated from MediaMonkey for Android) and is faster than Wifi Sync.

  • MTP Drivers in Windows for Android devices can be buggy causing a media transfer process appears to be frozen error message in MediaMonkey. Often when clicking OK Sync will continue. Updating MTP drivers can help. If USB Sync continues to fail you can try to use Wifi Sync instead.

Wifi Sync

Wifi Sync is run from MediaMonkey for Android (can't be initiated from MediaMonkey) and requires a Media Server to be enabled in MediaMonkey. Wifi Sync is slower than USB Sync.

Direct Sync to SD Card

MediaMonkey can Sync directly to SD cards, which you can then insert in a compatible device.

  • When using MediaMonkey for Android this is not recommended as tags will be read by Android Media Scanner instead of MediaMonkey updating MediaMonkey for Android directly with tags and Play History. Android Media Scanner doesn't read all tags from files nor does it read all the tags it does read, correctly.
  • Playlists may not work if the Paths on them are not configured correctly.

Disconnecting your Device

Android devices can safely be unplugged once a sync operation has completed.



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