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Post by Steegy »

Scripts up-to-date for MM4:

:: Scripts


FavouriteNodes (Auto) -
-- Adds the posibility to create shortcuts (with custom names and shortcut keys) to your favourite nodes
NodeFromFirstCharacter (Auto) - ... 5005#45005
-- Adds an alphabet sidebar to browse the tree view

TrayMoods (Auto) - ... 2245#42245
-- Adds "My Moods..." functionality to the tray menu


ExtractFields (Manual) -
-- Lets you tag your tracks based on the current tags contents (e.g. switch/copy fields, remove unwanted prefix numbers, split FreeDB titles as title and artist, ...)
PersonalTagEnhancer (Manual) - ... 2092#42092 & More info on customisation
-- Fixes tags using your personal preferences (e.g. "Featuring --> ft.", "RMX --> Remix", ...) that can easily be added/changed
SwitchOrCopyFields (Manual) -
-- Switches or copies specified song data field pairs (e.g. to switch artist and title)
|---> see also ExtractFields and RegExp Find & Replace

RatePlayedSong (onPlay + Auto) - ... 0949#30949
-- When activated, it pauses the music between each song and prompts for a rating (if it isn't present yet) for the just played song
RateiRate (Manual) - ... 5109#45109
-- Calculates a rating based on the iRate algorithm, and puts it in the comment field

CopyTagDataWithinPairs (Manual) -
-- Some script previews, to copy all tag information from one set of selected songs to another set
SelectedFilesStoreDate (Manual) - ... 5656#35656
-- Writes the "Date Created" date or the "Date Modified" date to a custom field


SongAnnouncer (Auto) - ... ouncer.vbs
-- TextToSpeech song announcer (for SAPI5, and other on request) that will announce you the artist and title of a song that starts playing

PlayHotkeys (Auto) -
-- Adds hotkeys to MediaMonkey so you can let it play songs based on a predefined Genre, Playlist, Mood, ... very easily
LinkedTracks (onPlay) -
-- Lets you make groups of songs, so when one song of the group is played, the next songs in the group are also added for playback (in order)
SongPreviewer (Auto) -
-- Adds a preview playback mode, so only pieces of songs are played when the mode is activated

ExportM3UAndPlayInWinamp (Manual) -
-- Send a selection of tracks to Winamp (or another program) very fast
Previous&Next Album(Artist) (Utility) - ... 9478#49478
-- Exposes "Play Next/Previous Album", "Play Next/Previous Album Of Same Album Artist", "Play Next/Previous Album Artist" for e.g. remote controls


SignatureWriter (Auto) - ... 3402#43402
-- Writes the name, artist and album of the currently playing track to a text file, that can be used as signature for e-mails
ExtensionToLowercase (Manual) -
-- Changes the file extension to lowercase for all selected files


ExternalTools (Auto) -
-- Add custom tools (external programs) that you can run from inside MediaMonkey, including tools that use the selected songs.
AssignCDMedia (Manual) - ... 1039#31039
-- Adds cd serial number to selected files. This can be used to re-link tracks, imported from another database, with their physical cd albums.

ExportM3Us_modified (Manual) -
-- Modified ExportM3U script that puts the exported playlists in a folder structure (based on the playlists structure), instead of in one single folder

:: External Add-Ons

MiniLyrics Embedder (native in C++) -
-- Make MiniLyrics as part of the MediaMonkey window (as dockable panel), so it moves, resizes and closes together with MediaMonkey
Visualisation Embedder (native in C++) - ... 0176#60176
-- Little "tweak" to dock the MilkDrop visualisation in a dockable panel.
On-screen Keyboard Embedder (native in C++) - ... 9894#59894
-- Automaticly integrate Windows XP's On-screen Keyboard (osk.exe) through a dockable panel in MediaMonkey.

:: Other things

GetNodeReference (more complete version of the BrowseToNode method) - ... erence.vbs
Script Helper Methods -
MM Plugins - ... lugins.htm
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Extensions: ExternalTools, ExtractFields, SongPreviewer, LinkedTracks, CleanImport, and some other scripts (Need Help with Addons > List of All Scripts).
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Post by Bex »

Play History & Statistic Node
Creates Weekly/Monthly Chart Nodes based on what you have played in MM.
You also get a Top 100 Node and an advanced statistics Node which let you browse your played music in many cool ways.

Advanced Duplicate Find & Fix ** Popular **
Find your duplicates by either hash-value (file finger print) or metadata and browse them in a smart way so you easily can decide what to do with them. The script lets you Copy/Paste Metadata between tracks so you can transfer the PlayHistory, PlayCount, DateAdded and Playlist Entries from duplicates you want to delete to songs you want to keep so they are intact.

Last 100... Played, Modified, Added
This script creates a node which gives you easy access to your last 100 Played, Edited and Added tracks, correctly sorted descending in the main window.
The Last 100 can easily be changed to Last "any number" by pressing F2 on the node.

Tagging Inconsistencies ** Popular **
Finds tons of "incorrectly tagged": Albums, Artists, Tracks, Genres and even Folders.
If you want your library to get in shape then this script will find all "errors".
Want to find more tagging inconsistencies? Leave your suggestions in the thread!

Case & Leading Zero Fixer ** Popular **
I have modified Rissers Case script which is shipped with MM:
- More fields supported (even the filename)
- Support for UpperCase/LowerCase
- Add or remove leading Zero
- Easily add or remove exception words
- Added Right click menu and short cut for faster execution of the script

Remove Unused Genres/Classification ... =2&t=18536
Removes Unused Genres and/or classifications from your database so you don't see them in the tree or in any auto-complete boxes.

SQL-Viewer ... =2&t=24841
Let's you run SQL-statements on MM's database exactly as MM itself does it and you'll never get the annoying error:
SQLite Error 1 - no such collation sequence: IUNICODE

DebugHelper ... =2&t=25935
This script displays valuable information of nodes and songs from a menu entry in all pop menus. It's a great help when debugging or developing scripts.

Auto-Increment TrackNumbers Modify ... =2&t=29976
I've modified the Auto-Increment TrackNumbers script which is shipped with MM so it optionally:
- Adds Leading Zero
- Adds Disc#
- Resets counter on Album change (multiple albums can be tagged in one go)

Add/Remove PlayStat ... =2&t=31809
This script lets you modify your PlayHistory and/or PlayCount fairly easy.

ScriptReloder ... =2&t=37554
This script is for scripters only. Are you tired of restarting MM all the time when you developing scripts?
Then the ScriptReloader is for you. The script lets you easily reload a script from the disc into MM's memory using the new script function Reload().

Playlist in Main Window ... =2&t=39589
This script lets you populate one of the custom fields in the main window with the names of the Static Playlist the tracks belong to.
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Advanced Duplicate Find & Fix Find More From Same - Custom Search. | Transfer PlayStat & Copy-Paste Tags/AlbumArt between any tracks.
Tagging Inconsistencies Do you think you have your tags in order? Think again...
Play History & Stats Node Like having your Last-FM account stored locally, but more advanced.
Case & Leading Zero Fixer Works on filenames too!

All My Scripts
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Post by DaledeSilva »

PrettyPictures [v0.9.3 - MM 3 & 2]
It is an organic method of browsing your albums by flicking through their album Art. (similar to Cover Flow for iTunes)

Forget Crossfade [v1.0 - MM 3]
Forget Crossfade will check what track is coming up next. If the track is the next song on the same album, it will turn crossfading off automatically. If the track is not the next track on the album (or shuffle is turned on) then crossfading will be turned on.

Behind Titlebars [v0.9 - MM 3] ... =2&t=37082
Behind Titlebars creates a submenu in the “view” dropdown which lets you show / hide titlebars from various other scripts installed. It also hides all titlebars upon MM starting and provides an easy shortcut to show / hide all afterward.

View Mode [v1.0 - MM 3]
View Mode allows you to choose one of the 3 view modes (Details, Album Art, Album Art & Details) via a right click on the node. The node will then remember those settings and apply them automatically whenever you click on the node.

Filter Nodes [v1.0 - MM 3]
Filter Nodes creates main nodes with the same names as your filters. The nodes remember their own column layouts. The library node can also be hidden.

BPM.tapper [v1.0 - MM 2 & MM 3??]
allows you to time out the Beats Per Minute of the currently playing song from within MediaMonkey - it will also save it to the BPM tag for you.
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Post by RedX »

TopTracks from artist from

This script searches for adn fetches the top tracks for the selected artist or the current playing. IT can then enqueue them as returned or shuffled.
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Post by some1 »

Script: [FindThe] (AKA [FindTheMissing] Songs)
Website: [Coming soon]
Installer: [Coming soon]
[FindThe] Missing Tracks
Unlike many missing tracks scrpits, this tells you what tracks ARE missing, NOT what songs you have!

[FindThe] Extra Tracks

I dunno about you, but I have extra bonus tracks on the end of some albums, which are not tagged! This will display them! (either with or without the rest of the album!)

[FindThe] Small Albums
Do you have small little albums (e.g. Singles/EPs), and just wish to edit them all in one go? This is then for you!
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Copy tags

Post by Maaspuck »

Script: CopyTags
Website: none
Installer: none
Description: The CopyTags Script can be used to copy tags from a selection of files to another selection of files. All tag information of the source selection is copied to a directory which is automatically created at startup of the MediaMonkey. As no clipboard functions are used, all copied information are still available after a restart of the computer. After selecting the destination files and starting the paste function the stored information will be read and copied to the destination files.
The user can make a selection of tag information, which should be copied to the destination files.

Enjoy this script



Post by sommo »

Script: [FindThe]
Compatibility Media Monkey v2 & v3
[FindThe] Missing Tracks
Unlike all other missing scripts, which tells you which tracks you HAVE, this tells you what tracks are MISSING. (Also if there is any duplicates & Untagged!)
[FindThe] Extra Tracks
I dunno about you, but I have extra bonus tracks on the end of some albums, which are not tagged! This will display them! (either with or without the rest of the album!)
[FindThe] Small Albums
Do you have small little albums (e.g. Singles/EPs), and just wish to edit them all in one go? This is then for you!
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Onenonymous scripts

Post by onenonymous »

Script: Right Click for Scripts - with buttons
Updated: September 7, 2008, 2008
Description: This script places a new sub-menu in the pop-up menus you get when you right click on song(s) or nodes (Main Window, Track List, Now Playing & Menu_Pop_Tree). It reads through the Scripts.ini file and loads any script of type 0 into the menus. To use, right click on a song, multiple songs or a node and find the new Scripts menu. Select one of the scripts from there. This is the same as if you chose the script from the Scripts menu under the Tools menu. NEW - also adds ability to create toolbar buttons or menu items for any of the scripts.

Script: Right Click for Reports
Reference: ... =2&t=30894
Updated: August 30, 2008
Description: This script places a new Create Reports sub-menu in the pop-up menus you get when you right click on song(s) or nodes (Main Window, Track List, Now Playing & Menu_Pop_Tree). It reads through the Scripts.ini file and loads any script of type 1 into the menus. To use, right click on a song, multiple songs or a node and find the new Create Reports menu. Select one of the reportsfrom there. This is the same as if you chose the report from the Create Reports menu under the File menu. NEW - also adds ability to create toolbar buttons or menu items for any of the reports.

Script: Right Click for Web with Tagging
Updated: May 11, 2008
Description: This script places a new sub-menu in the menus when you right click on song(s) in the 3 pop-up menus (Main Window, Track List, & Now Playing) as well as a button in the Search toolbar. It reads through an ini file and loads the menus with urls for various web sites. To use, right click on a song and find the new "Web Lookup..." menu. Select one of the items from there. Also includes facility to select text in the MM web browser and tag your songs.

Script: Clean Scripts.ini
Updated: March 23, 2008
Description: This script will clean the orphaned entries out of your Scripts.ini file. Please backup your files before running (just in case). I recommend Trix's Backup script. The script is very basic. It reads through the Scripts.ini file looking for [SomeScript] followed by Filename=somefile.vbs, then checks to be sure that somefile.vbs exists. It puts up a message box for each script entry it can't find. Click yes to delete the entry or no to leave it in place. It repeats with a new message box for each missing script. Tested on MM3.

Script: Clear Now Playing Button
Reference: ... =2&t=32239
Updated: September 7, 2008
Description: This script adds a button to the Edit toolbar and a "Clear" menu item to the Now Playing window main menu to give one-click clear of items in Now Playing.

Script: MusicBrainz Tagger
Reference: ... =2&t=34267
Updated: February 8, 2009
Description: This script adds a new web tagger source to Auto-Tag from Web that uses

Script: Yahoo Music Tagger
Reference: ... =2&t=37476
Updated: February 22, 2009
Description: This script adds a new web tagger source to Auto-Tag from Web that uses Yahoo Music.

Script: Play Albums
Reference: ... =2&t=39582
Updated: September 6, 2009
Description: This script adds right-click menus to queue and play albums.
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Post by steve0 »

RatePlayedSong (onPlay + Auto) - ... 0949#30949
-- When activated, it pauses the music between each song and prompts for a rating (if it isn't present yet) for the just played song

It sounds very great!I like it!haha :)

MyCustomNodes script

Post by sbondi »

Script: MyCustomNodes
Updated: March 17, 2008
Description: Allows easily adding fast-performing custom nodes in MediaMonkey (3.0 or greater) using a straight-forward user-friendly configuration file (.ini). In addition, unused FilesToEdit nodes can be hidden. Custom nodes can be:
-- organized under custom parents
-- set up to only appear when something "needs attention"
-- set up to include counts in the caption
-- set up to provide multi-level views of the database[/b]
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Post by uwuerfel »

Script: Radio-DJ
Reference: Radio-DJ
Keywords: Auto-DJ, AutoDJ, Rating, Weighting, Radio, Radio-DJ, Randomizer
Description: Play music based on their rating. Allows user defined weightings. Supports Auto-DJ. Uses a Playlist as input. Is highly configurable.
Autor of Radio-DJ
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Post by ZvezdanD »

Magic Nodes [MM2+3]
This add-on lets you create new tree nodes in an intuitive and highly configurable way using masks which are loosely based on the way Auto-organize works. Masks could contain SQL filters, which provides ultimate flexibility for the creation of nodes with Auto-playlist functionality. There are 320 already predefined masks, for example: tracks without lyrics, artist grouped by first letter [A]-[Z], albums sorted by year, playing statistics, album ratings, random tracks, ...

RegExp Find and Replace [MM2+3]
It allows powerful finding and replacing of strings inside of selected/visible tracks in the main tracklist or the Now Playing panel. The matching criteria and the replacement string can be created using Regular expressions or VBScript expressions which provides very flexible transformations of data. It has a support for custom presets with 207 already predefined, for example: clear field, copy conditionally full or part of one field to another, swap the first and the last name of Artist, ... Almost all MM fields are supported!

Invert Selection/Select None [MM3]
MediaMonkey has Select All option, but not Select None, nor Invert Selection. So, this add-on allows such options when selecting tracks in the main tracklist or the Now Playing panel. For example, you could have selected all tracks from the first disc of some displayed double-CD album, then you could choose Invert Selection to get selected tracks from the second disc.

Export M3Us/Create Playlists for Child Nodes [MM2+3]
This add-on has two operation modes, manual and automatic. In the manual mode it allows batch export of .m3u files or creating of playlists for each child node of the node selected in the tree panel. This works with almost all nodes, even the Magic Nodes. In the automatic mode this add-on periodically saves specified playlist node and its sub-nodes from the Playlists branch. M3U files/playlists could be created using very flexible options, for example you could choose extended .m3u format and/or Unix file format.

Expand Child Nodes/Expand All [MM2+3]
This add-on expands all child nodes of the selected node or all its sub-nodes recursively (including grand-child nodes).

Event Logger [MM2+3]
This add-on allows logging of many MM events, for example: OnPlay, OnStop, OnPause, OnSeek, OnTrackAdded, OnTrackDeleting, OnStartUp, OnShutdown, ... Next data are stored in the log file: date/time, computer/user name, name of the event, track name. The log file is saved in CSV format, so it could be imported e.g. in Excel. Events could be also displayed in real-time with the Event Viewer dockable panel.

Filtered Statistics Report [MM3]
This add-on contains the modified version of the Stats.vbs script included with the program. This version has added support for MM filters, skin styles, the progress bar, the Options Sheet with a possibility to toggle display of sections in the report, printing of report, saving to .mht file, also corrected many SQL queries and values.

Track Redirection & Synchronization [MM3]
This add-on is mainly intended for "one song-many albums" situations, especially if they are in some lossless format - instead of having multiple large audio files for every album with same song, you could keep just one file for one album and on another albums you could have small .asx files (1-2 KB) as redirection files. You could also create redirections between two or more audio files instead of .asx files. There is a possibility to automatically synchronize specified metadata between linked tracks, as well as to copy tags from the one set of tracks to the another one even if they are not previously linked.

Restore Play History/Date Added/Playlists [MM3]
It restores or merges the playing history (the Played table and Playcount + LastTimePlayed fields in the Songs table), the DateAdded field and/or the playlists (both auto-playlists and static ones in Playlists and PlaylistSongs tables) from some backup database file. It could restore/merge data for all tracks in the current database or just filtered ones.

Find Currently Playing Track [MM2+3]
It allows finding and displaying of folder that contains the currently playing track within the Library\Location node or within the My Computer node similarly as the built-in Find More from Same \ Folder MM option, but such track would be located automatically whenever the program starts to play another track. After the containing folder is located, the currently playing track will be selected in the main tracklist.

Queue List [MM2+3]
It works similarly as Queue option of Winamp, i.e. it allows creating of the list with tracks that would be played immediately after the currently playing track, not matter if Shuffle is turned on or off. The list of tracks is a simple playlist under the Playlists branch, which enables easy manipulation of its tracks (move up/down, remove) as with any other playlist. After all tracks from the queue list finish playback, the program continues with the reproduction of the remaining tracks from the Now Playing panel.

Add to Library on Play [MM2+3]
It automatically adds tracks to the Library on their playback (if they are not already there) to give MM the same behavior as it is in WMP.

Tree Report for Child Nodes [MM2+3]
It displays a report with the tree view similar to Music Explorer Tree panel, but only for child nodes of a selected node. Such report could be printed or saved as a .html or .mht file and loaded in some Web browser. A selected node could be anyone, even some Magic node. In fact, it is especially useful with the Magic Nodes add-on because with it you could get any kind of statistics data, even those not covered with the Statistics Report, e.g. 20 Recently played Albums or Artists that never played.
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SCRIPT: ISRC code sequential assign

Post by kbshowle »

Script: ISRC Assign Sequential
Author: Ken Showler
Reference: ... =2&t=33298
Description: I wrote this script for audio disc/file mastering facilities who want to batch assign sequential ISRC codes to a selection of files. It prompts for a code to start at, processes all selected files, but halts if you reach code 99999 before all selected files have been processed.
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Re: All Scripts

Post by rovingcowboy »

Script: Jukebox
Website: ... loads.html
Reference: Private message between Rovingcowboy and Raybeau528
Author/s: Raybeau528 scripting, Rovingcowboy graphics, Trixmoto scripting tool that was used.
Requirements: needs a screen that is at least 600 pixels high.
Description: This Old Style Booth Wall Jukebox Script was requested by me
rovingcowboy in trying to make a float player only script,
but it was not able to be made that way so raybeau528 made it as a
script that uses a link in the play drop down menu.
Which turned out better in the long run because now you can use this script with any skin,
it has the buttons done by the script so they change to use the skin's button designs.
Works like a jukebox, set up your 24 playlists in playlist drop downs, then click any of the buttons for them.
the jukebox will start the list automatically just like the real booth remote jukebox's did.

you find this about half way down my website page, its an mmip file just download and install.

Con.. has issues with the way the newer version of mm 3.2 changes the size of the fonts. when you change them past the size needed by this script either larger or smaller. all the buttons and text area's move to different vector locations on the html page the jukebox image is used on. so it knocks them all out of alignement to the image of the jukebox.. :(

raybear528 said he was not going to post this that i could if wanted too, so i did put it on my site enjoy.

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roving cowboy / keith hall. My skins ... =9&t=16724 for some help check on Monkey's helpful messages at ... 4008#44008 MY SYSTEMS.1.Jukebox WinXp pro sp 3 version 3.5 gigabyte mb. 281 GHz amd athlon x2 240 built by me.) 2.WinXP pro sp3, vers 2.5.5 and vers 3.5 backup storage, shuttle 32a mb,734 MHz amd athlon put together by me.) 3.Dell demension, winxp pro sp3, mm3.5 spare jukebox.) 4.WinXp pro sp3, vers 3.5, dad's computer bought from computer store. )5. Samsung Galaxy A51 5G Android ) 6. amd a8-5600 apu 3.60ghz mm version 4 windows 7 pro bought from computer store.
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Re: All Scripts

Post by Sire »

Script: Almighty CUE Lord (Himssself!)
Reference: ... &sk=t&sd=a
Last Update: 16th of February, 2009 AD
Description: Injects (almost) FULL cue sheet support into MM. Can play them, modify, even organize. Uses fuzzy search algorithm extensively to not be stupid. And some other tricks of the undead too...
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