MMRemote5 is an easy to use Android remote for MediaMonkey 5 that supports playback controls, playlist manipulation, and library browsing.


In order to use it, you have to install the MMRemote5 server on your computer, which will act as a bridge between MediaMonkey and the remote app.


Screenshots here:


Feature overview (non-exhaustive):

 - Works with MediaMonkey 5 (both free and gold).
 - Automatic and quick first-time setup.
 - High performance no matter how large playlists you have.
 - Display track details of currently playing song, including album art.
 - Quick access to detailed information about any track.
 - All normal playback functions (play, pause, next, previous, shuffle, autoDJ, and more).
 - Manipulate the 'Now Playing' list in any way you want.
 - Browse your music library using most of the categories from MediaMonkey, see track details, rate them, or add them to the playlist now, next, last or shuffled.
 - Browse your playlists (both manual and auto playlists), and play entire lists or selected songs.
 - Create and edit playlists.
 - Sleep timer with various different actions (stop music, shut down computer, and more)
 - Widgets and notifications for easy access to your music even when the app is in the background.
 - Designed for both portrait and landscape device orientation.
 - Control the sound volume of both MediaMonkey and Windows itself (including mute), and override the devices hardware volume buttons if you so wish.
 - Rate your songs (with support for half stars).
 - A computer menu that lets you control your computer (including sleep, hibernate, shut down, wake-on-lan, and more).
 - Permission system that let's you fine-tune who can do what (if you let multiple users connect to your server), including a guest mode.

By Erlend Dahl
Submitted by Degeim
Updated 30/04/2023

Version History / Details
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Version History / Details

Works with:
Media Monkey 5 - 5