Some Files Don’t Sync

When syncing to a device, there are a couple of reasons why some files may fail to copy and the number of files may not match those in the main library:

  1. The connection may have been lost. Re-sync to sync the remaining tracks.
  2. No tracks are selected in the auto-sync list. By default no content is selected in the auto-sync list, so if you initiate a sync without selecting content in the sync list, you’ll see a message that sync has completed, but no content will sync.
  3. Certain audio formats may not be supported on the device and:
    1. If those formats were set as ‘unsupported’, then such tracks won’t sync unless Auto-conversion has been configured to convert such tracks to a supported format. Verify sync auto-conversion settings to make sure that unsupported formats are converted.
    2. If those formats were configured as ‘supported’, then such tracks will sync but won’t appear/play on the device if the device doesn’t support them.
  4. If auto-conversion is properly configured, encoding errors can still arise if the source file isn’t playable in MediaMonkey for Windows (it needs to be playable for conversion to proceed, but it might not be if file isn’t accessible, is protected by DRM, or a codec is missing). Note the type of file(s) that failed to convert, confirm that they are not playable in MediaMonkey, and see this article to fix the the playback issue often by installing a missing codec.
  5. Files may also fail to sync if they can’t be written to the configured destination either because:
    • The destination is invalid (e.g. the conversion or sync destination is configured to a location that doesn’t exist).
    • The destination is an SD Card that is corrupted. Reformat or replace the card if this is the case.
    • MediaMonkey doesn’t have appropriate permission to write to the destination location (e.g. permissions are set to read-only) in which case the destination should be changed or permissions adjusted).
  6. In some cases, track changes made in either MMA or MMW won’t sync if they were made soon after a sync operation or if the PC/Device running MMW/MMA have clocks that are not set identically. The solution is to set the PC and Device so that both have the same time.
  7. Some devices will initially appear to sync correctly, but certain metadata will subsequently disappear. The workaround is to use Wi-Fi Sync.


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