Can’t Install Upgrade / Uninstall (error code 5)

If installing a MediaMonkey upgrade, or uninstalling MediaMonkey results in an “Access denied: Error Code 5” or similar error indicating that certain files (like MMHelper.dll) can’t be overwritten or deleted, it can mean that MediaMonkey failed to close properly or that some MediaMonkey files aren’t immediately released by the Windows operating system or Antivirus software, preventing files from being overwritten or uninstalled.

This can occur if:

  1. MediaMonkey fails to close if it is still connected to a portable / remote device. In such cases disconnect the device from your PC before closing MediaMonkey or make sure MediaMonkey is no longer running in the Windows Task Manager.
  2. Another application is locked onto a MediaMonkey .dll. To get around this issue, try either of the following before attempting to update/uninstall:
    a) If MediaMonkey is running, close it; wait 10 minutes.
    b) If the problem persists, then:
    – Restart your PC (make sure you don’t have MediaMonkey to auto-start at Windows Startup);
    – Or use an Unlock app to unlock any files that are locking the MediaMonkey file in the error message. See:
    UnLock IT
  3. The Windows Media MTP drivers are corrupted. The simplest solution is to:
    a) Uninstall Windows Media Player
    b) Install the latest version of Windows Media Player from Microsoft’s website.

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