Tracks Fail to Sync to an MP3 Player

Dedicated Audio Player devices (especially older ones) often have limitations that require sync settings to be tweaked to sync. Otherwise (some) files will fail to sync, or appear to sync but fail to display on the device. Some examples and workarounds:

  1. Some devices only support synchronization to the device’s root directory. In such cases set the sync destination format so that it doesn’t use any subdirectories. e.g. <Artist>-<Title> instead of /Music/<Artist>-<Title>
  2. Some devices support a limited number of files per directory. If some tracks fail to sync, changing the sync destination format to use subdirectories may solve the problem. e.g. use /Music/<Artist>/<Album>-<Title> …instead of /Music/<Artist>-<Title>
  3. Some devices only accept 8.3 paths. In such cases, change the sync destination to e.g.
    \Music\$Trim($Left($Replace(, ,_),8))\$Trim($Left($Replace((, ,_),5))_$Trim($Right(,2))\$Trim($Left(-$Replace(, ,_),8))
  4. Some devices won’t display tracks containing certain characters such as ‘{‘ or ‘}’ in a track’s filename. To fix this issue, edit the [FilenameMappings] section of MediaMonkey.ini file by adding the following two lines:
  5. Some Zen devices, Sony Walkman NWZ-A828, Archos devices (e.g. 43 IT and 70 IT) and several Mobile phones ( Nokia 5800, HTC Desire) exhibit a bug with MediaMonkey causing synchronization to copy tracks to the device’s root directory, ignoring the destination mask. Additionally, the sync may be incomplete. To fix this issue, edit the MediaMonkey.ini file by adding the following:


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