USB Mass Storage Device isn’t detected as a sync device

When a Portable Device or USB Storage Device is inserted into the PC MediaMonkey 4 will detect it and it will appear in the list of devices that can be synced. On pre-Windows 10 PCs, some devices (e.g. Sony NW-Axx devices), are recognized as USB Mass Storage devices (not as ‘MTP’ devices). They can be browsed in the My Computer node in MediaMonkey 4, but will not appear as devices until the USB Mass Storage add-on is installed. To do so:

  1. Download and install it from the Addons site:
  2. Disable the MTP/WMDM version of your device if it appears under Tools > Options > Portable Device Sync.
  3. Select the USBMass plugin, click Configure > Options -> Configure Device and use the Find Device option to associate the USBMass plugin with your storage drive.

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